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Adopting a daily sanitizing routine

The current global pandemic has created chaos, taken lives and threatened livelihoods worldwide, forcing industries and economies to a standstill.

It has also changed many aspects of our daily routines and created new norms in the way we conduct ourselves. 1 major aspect of change is that much of our lives, including work, school and socialising have migrated online. This means that we are now spending more time in confined living spaces and less time outside.

Now more than ever, cleaning and disinfecting the home & work place is central to our wellbeing and peace of mind. We know this, and we know it should be something that can be easily become part of your new norm, so read on and find out how.

Our Solutions

360 coverage, smaller molecules which provides better coverage using less solution

EPA approved disinfectants

Healthier and safer environment for day care centers, schools, gyms and community areas

Kills 99.99% of bacteria

Whynter Sterymax Professional Sprayer

Performance and efficiency

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Disinfecting Tablets

Less-toxic and less-corrosive

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Disinfecting Tablets

Safe and odorless

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Whynter sprayer with MB-10 Disinfecting Tablets Package: 12 months supply of MB-10 Disinfecting Tablets (52 Tablets)

SGD 1,990.00

SGD 2,500.00

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